Herbalism: It Takes a Village

I can still remember feeling alone when I first started my herbal journey. I wished so badly I could just have a mentor who could speak to me with education, but not in words that flew over my head. Someone who could talk to me about current events, and help navigate the ins and outs of herbalism I did, eventually, find that person, and now, I get to be that person.

If you're nodding your head, then this membership is for you.

The Homestead Herbalist membership is a community of like minded individuals on their journey to healthcare freedom.

Not only that, you'll get access to various videos, courses, and more, including:


  • Live Herbalist Discussions: where we sit down and talk about current health events, outbreaks, and things you need to know as an herbalist.
  • New Herbal Profiles: dive more into individual herbs by learning about their actions, contraindications, history, and dosage as they are posted.
  • Access to Homestead Herbalist Courses: because that's just a no-brainer! As long as you have a membership, you have access to the Homestead Herbalist Courses (present and future, only available during off-season enrollment).
  • Herb Videos & Recipes (only for you!): learn more in-depth about herb profiles, or watch videos making herb protocols and recipes.

...and more.

As you and I grow, so does the membership each and every month.

Annual Membership Now Open

Unfortunately our monthly option is currently not open, however, you can purchase the yearly option to get access to what is currently in the membership, as well as anything new that is posted. You can pay for the membership monthly, but there are no guaranteed monthly updates.

For the year of 2023, there will be less new content posted due to a shift in priorities here on the homestead. However, there will still be live discussions (especially emergency ones when it comes to health), herb profiles, and more. Just not on a monthly level.

There are no refunds given on memberships.

** Please note that for the 2023 membership season, "monthly" content will be sporadic. By purchasing a membership, you understand that you are purchasing access to current content and future content, even if not on a monthly basis.

Herbal Learning

Each month you'll get access to brand new herb profiles (1 to 2) that will help you learn more about individual herbs. You'll have access to ALL of the profiles as long as your membership is active.

Live Discussion

Each month I'll join you in a group LIVE 1-hour discussion via a webinar platform so that we can all talk about a certain topic, global or national outbreak (and how to navigate them), more in-depth about profiles, how to spot truths and half-truths, and so much more. This is a great time to ask questions about that month's topic. Some months will have more than one live discussion, depending on current events.

...there's so much more!

But you'll have to join the membership to find out all about it. Just know that you'll walk away feeling more confident than ever in your herbal wisdom as more content is added each month. Besides, you get access to ALL HOMESTEAD HERBALIST COURSES (present and future), as long as your membership is active.

Let's make herbalism and homemade remedies normal again!

What Members Are Saying...

"I have been studying herbs since the winter of 2015 and you are the first educator that has explained dosage very well, and how important it is to go by the correct dosage. Also, how to read a medical study guide, too. Some of my other educators are Rosalee De la Foret, Thomas Easley, Kami Mcbride, Rosemary Gladstar, and a few others. Im so glad I became a member of your group. I cant wait to continue to learn all that you have to teach us."


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